Visit our museum

In the museum’s exhibition space, you will find fossils, original dinosaur eggs and replicas from Lourinhã’s Museum.

You can see fossils of bones from some of the most fantastic animals that have ever lived in Portugal, such as the largest carnivore in Europe, Torvosaurus, or some of the rarest dinosaur fossils, including the important dinosaur nest eggs and bones from Lourinhanosaurus embryos.


Fossils from the Giants of ice age

Following the opening of the new trail that portrays the last Ice Age, you can find the temporary exhibition “Fossils from the giants of the Ice Age”. In this new temporary exhibition, you can get a closer look at the incredible world of animals that inhabited the Earth during the last ice age.

This exhibition features a fascinating collection of fossils of prehistoric animals, such as mammoths, sabre-toothed tigers and others, in a unique exhibition that will take you on a journey back to the Ice Age, revealing how these impressive creatures lived and adapted to the extreme climate conditions of that era.

With several real fossils displayed, you will find (detailed?) information about the life and behaviour of these species extinct thousands of years ago.  In addition, our team of palaeontologists is available to answer all questions and clarify any additional curiosities about each fossil.


Live lab

The Fossil Preparation Laboratory is the place where dinosaur fossils and eggs are studied. After being excavated and removed from their fossilization site, in the excavation field, it is the physical place where dinosaur fossils are worked and prepared.



GEAL is the association that manages and runs the Museum of Lourinhã and is responsible for the dinosaur fossils and replicas, for example, of dinosaur eggs displayed at the Dino Park. It is through this association that the preparation and research work is carried out in the region, converting into the discoveries from the Jurassic and other period.

The Museum of Lourinhã is located in the town centre and is certainly a cultural space to visit.

Find out more about fossils and other discoveries in Lourinhã at this Museum.