Terms and Conditions Online Ticket Office

The present document establishes the pre-contractual information regarding contracts concluded at a distance on the website www.dinoparque.pt, referred to in article 4 of Decree-Law No. 24/2014 of 14 February, and of all subdomains/sub-websites.

The General Terms and Conditions presented herein apply to all offers contained in this website – also referred to as “site” or “website” – issued by PDL – Parque dos Dinossauros da Lourinhã Unipessoal Limitada, owned by PDL – Parque dos Dinossauros da Lourinhã Unipessoal Limitada. hereinafter referred to as Dino Parque, with its headquarters at Rua Vale dos Dinossauros, nº 25 Abelheira, postal code 2530-059 Lourinhã, Portugal, with corporate tax number: 510 019 285, which is also its registration number at the Conservatória do Registo Comercial de Lisboa, with a share capital of 500 000€. 

 These General Terms and Conditions also apply to all agreements and relationships concluded between Dino Parque and any Customer who places orders through this website.

  1. Purpose and Scope of Application

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to define the conditions of sale of tickets between Dino Parque and the user, through the Online Shop

Browsing this site and the electronic purchase of any ticket implies the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of the Online Shop

Dino Parque reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions without prior notice, any changes will be published on the site.

Tickets sold on this page are reserved for individuals.

  1. Content Information

The reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of the contents of this page without prior written permission granted by Dino Parque is prohibited for other purposes than strictly personal use.

Dino Parque reserves the right to modify at any time the information and commercial offer presented about: products, prices, promotions, commercial conditions and services.

It is expressly forbidden to introduce links from the present site, independently of the intended purpose, without prior authorization of Dino Parque. The use of the domain dinoparque.pt and/or the page bilheteiraonline.dinoparque.pt with abusive purposes, and without prior authorization, is liable to appeal to the competent legal means. If you find in other sites, links that allow you to access to ticketingonline.dinoparque.pt, we inform you that Dino Parque has no responsibility for the origin of the page or the content included therein.

All efforts were made so that the information presented here is free of typographic errors and whenever they occur, Dino Parque will proceed as soon as possible to correct them.

All contractual information is written in Portuguese, as well as the information of the articles, communications by email and formalization of the sale.


  1. Customers and Users Obligations

The Customer and the User agree to comply with and respect these Terms of Use of the On Line Ticketing Service, namely

1) Refrain from introducing, storing or spreading through the site defamatory, obscene, injurious, xenophobic and/or any other content that violates the general principles of law and public order;

2) To keep, and not disclose, your password for entering the site in order to prevent third parties from accessing your account;

3) Not to use false identities;

4) To provide correct personal details and addresses so that Dino Parque can properly process the sale of the tickets.

Users are expressly forbidden to transmit messages or information that are injurious, misleading, defamatory, obscene or that violate, in any way, the right to privacy or the intellectual or industrial property of others, as well as the availability of any information that could be harmful to third parties or to the owner of the site.

Dino Parque reserves the right to eliminate the account of the user who materializes any of these situations.

The Customer is responsible for the veracity of the data communicated and commits to insert immediately in his Registration Account any changes to the same.

Dino Parque accepts no responsibility for any delay or impossibility in processing the sale of tickets, due to error or insufficiency of the data communicated by the Customer.

  1. Availability of tickets and online ticket sales

Ticket selection is done in real time. Accordingly, the Dino Parque server informs the Customer in real time about the availability of tickets at the time of the sale processing.

The finalisation of the purchasing process implies that the Customer has read and expressly accepts the present Terms of Use of the On Line Ticket Sales Service. The data recorded by Dino Parque is evidence of all transactions between Dino Parque and the Customer.

After you finish your purchase, an automatic email will be sent to you confirming the transaction. The sale of tickets is only definitively concluded and only binds Dino Parque after the automatic email confirming the transaction has been sent.

  1. Ticket prices

The prices of the tickets are in Euros, and do not include commissions or shipping costs.

The price of the tickets is set by Dino Parque and includes VAT at the legal rate in force at the time.

All orders, whatever their origin, must be paid in Euros.

  1. Payment methods

We remind you that the validation of ticket sales implies the obligation of payment of the price by the Customer.

When purchasing tickets on the website, the Customer may use the following means of payment:

– Visa credit card

– Credit card MasterCard

– Multibanco payment reference

– Mbway

For all payments made by credit card, the card will be debited at the moment of final validation of the ticket sale.


  1. Ticket delivery

The delivery conditions of the tickets are specific and independent of the delivery conditions of other products sold on the website

The Customer will receive his electronic tickets (PDF document sent to his mailbox) after validation of payment and at no extra cost.

The customer must print the electronic ticket previously sent by Dino Parque via email. Alternatively you can show the tickets on any computing device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Duplicate tickets are not issued, even in case of loss, theft or robbery.

Security: the printed e-tickets have a unique barcode. The validity of the tickets is controlled and recorded at the entrance by means of a barcode reader. It is not possible for a customer to be admitted to a venue more than once with the same ticket. The reproduction of tickets is prohibited. Only the first person to present the ticket will be admitted to the venue and is assumed to be the legitimate ticket holder. Please keep your ticket in a safe place.

Dino Parque may refuse entry into the Admission Centre where multiple printings, reproductions, copies or imitations of a printed e-ticket are in circulation and the bearer of one print, reproduction, copy or imitation of the ticket has been granted access to the Admission Centre. Dino Parque is not obliged to undertake any identification checks on the person presenting the ticket to verify that they are the actual purchaser of the ticket, nor to verify the authenticity of the ticket. The holder of a printed electronic ticket, who is not admitted to the venue for any of the reasons mentioned above, has no right to a refund.

The Customer should take all necessary precautions to maintain the confidentiality of his password and to prevent any use by unauthorised persons or any infringement.

Dino Parque accepts no responsibility for any anomalies that may arise during the sales process or the printing of the electronic tickets purchased, in case of loss, theft or robbery, or in case of illicit use of the ticket purchased. No duplicate or certificate, reissue of the ticket, of any nature, will be delivered to the customer, apart from the ticket sent by e-mail for printing by the customer.

  1. Validity of Tickets

Purchased tickets are valid until 31 December of the calendar year of purchase. They can be used on any day between the date of purchase and their expiry date.

With the exception of tickets purchased in December, which expire on 31 December of the calendar year following purchase.

The expiry date will be shown on online tickets sent by email.

  1. Cancellations, exchanges and returns

There are no exchanges or returns of purchased tickets, in accordance with the provisions of Decree-Law No. 24/2014, Article 17, point 1, paragraph k)

Dino Parque is not responsible for adverse weather conditions, nor for the closure of the park in cases of force majeure. Under the applicable legal terms, cases of force majeure are considered those resulting from unforeseeable events whose effects occur regardless of the promoter’s will, namely fires, floods, cyclones, earthquakes, other natural causes that directly prevent the opening of the park, public health situations or other exceptional situations.

The purchase of tickets implies the knowledge and fulfilment of the park’s utilization rules.

  1. Other Rights and Responsibilities

Each registered Customer will choose a Username (e-mail) which is unique, personal and non-transferable. The password is chosen by the Customer at the moment of the registration and must be kept secret.

All data and content of the site, including distinctive trade marks, are the exclusive property of Dino Parque or third parties and as such protected by law.

All products presented on the site are described as accurately as possible. Nevertheless, users should read carefully the descriptions of them, and in case of doubt, they should contact Dino Parque through geral@dinoparque.pt.

Dino Parque will not be responsible for the damages and inconveniences arising from the use of the Internet, including, for example, as a consequence of the disruption or deficiency of the service and access, outside intrusion or presence of computer viruses, or any case of force majeure.

Newsletters sent by e-mail are intended for the dissemination of promotions and general information of Dino Parque. The Customer can receive the Newsletter as soon as he subscribes.

  1. Applicable legislation

The present Terms of Use of the On Line Ticketing Service are subject to Portuguese Law. Any conflict or divergence of interpretation of the present conditions will be submitted to the competent Portuguese Court.

If the Customer is outside of Portugal, Dino Parque hereby informs that any judicial process should be referred to the Portuguese Courts

Lourinhã, 10th April 2023