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Lourinhã Dinosaurs Lourinhã Dinosaurs

The Fantastic World of Dinosaurs (Dino Parque) is a theme park dedicated to dinosaurs, and is the largest outdoor museum in Portugal and is one of the best attractions near Lisbon - Portugal. At this dinosaur exhibition in Lourinhã, near Lisbon, visitors can see more than 180 scientifically proven life-size models dinosaur species, walk with dinosaurs in one of our pathways that are split into the 4 most important periods in the history of the Earth and the evolution of life and the 2019's track Sea Monsters. Here you can learn all about dinosaurs.

At Dino Parque you can learn all about dinossaus and more about the amazing era of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals and walking with dinosaurs.

Did you know that a nest with more than 100 dinosaur eggs was discovered in Lourinhã? Or that the Tyrannosaurus Rex could reach 15 metres in length? Come and discover this and much more, travelling back in time millions of years at Portugal’s dinosaur exhibition. Discover all about Dinosaurs in the biggest dinosaur expo.

This outdoor dinosaur exhibition is one attraction near Lisbon Portugal that was designed around the concept of edutainment: at Dino Parque you can have fun while learning about palaeontology, fossilisation, dinosaurs, periods in the history of the earth (especially the dinosaur age), dinosaur species and much more. Book your visit now and enjoy this dinosaur expo.

Museum and

Live Lab Live Lab

At the central building of Dino Parque you will find a fantastic dinosaur exhibition entitled “Lourinhã Dinosaurs”, with the scientific and technical organisation by the Ethnography and Archaeology Group of Lourinhã (Grupo de Etnografia e Arqueologia da Lourinhã, GEAL).

Find out more about this wonderful palaeontological exhibition and learn all about the dinosaur era.


Have you seen a real palaeontologist working on his/her findings? Here, you can see the work carried out by real palaeontologists at close quarters in a laboratory environment.

In addition to the dinosaur exhibition in Lisbon - Lourinhã, would you like to visit the laboratory and take a closer look at the tools and techniques used?


Tracks Tracks

Outside the central building of Dino Parque you will find 4 different routes. These routes correspond to 4 different periods of the history of the Earth.

Palaeozoic - This period started 419 million years ago. Here you can discover the fantastic animals that inhabited Earth before the giant dinosaurs.

Triassic - The emergence of the great kings of the Earth. This is when the dinosaurs appeared. Find out the species that inhabited the earth in this era



Jurassic - Lourinhã is one of the richest areas in the world regarding Jurassic remains. Here you can see unique species from the region.

Cretaceous - This period includes the most famous dinosaur species like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and many others.

[NEW 2019]

Sea Monsters – On this route you will be able to watch animals which have ruled the seas and lakes from 450 million years ago to this day.


Restaurants and

Shop Shop

Our restaurant areas offer quick and light meals, from salads and sandwiches to delicious daily meals and pizzas.

For kids, our famous dino nuggets made from chicken will be a big hit.

There is also a vegetarian menu. Everything is in place for you to get to know the dinosaurs from Portugal and Lourinhã in the most enjoyable way possible!

You may also bring your own snacks and enjoy the several picnic areas.

How would you like to eat besides the giant Lourinhasaurus and other dinosaur species?

At the end of your visit, buy the perfect gift in our shop.

We offer a broad selection of toys, games, fossil replicas, books and many other gifts and great ideas for the ideal souvenir of your visit to our dinosaur exhibition at Dino Parque.

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