Guided tours

In Dino Parque you can make guided tours with specialized guides. In this way you can learn much more about the dinosaurs and the evolution of Earth's history.

If you want to know more about guided tours, the tracks or subject to be explained, contact us.

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Fossil Recovery and Research


Each participant receives a block of sediment with a dinosaur, or its skeleton, preserved inside. With the help of a wooden tool and a brush, the sediment block is worked, as would by a real paleontologist.

At the end of the activity, the find is taken by the participant as a reward of his work.


Discovery Times – Dinosaurs


In the Paleontological Research Lab, a specialized element of our team is available to answer all questions about "dinosaur finds" either at the local level or worldwide. It also demonstrates, with examples, the preparation of new dinosaur species and provides all the information about the latest projects associated with Dino Parque, in the areas of archaeology and paleontology.

Treasure hunt, modeling, tactile wall, dinosaur excavation


Activity 1: A real treasure hunt, where the participants will proceed to search for precious stones and fossils of shark tooth, using a sieve.

Activity 2: Participants build their favorite dinosaur using clay.

In the end you can take the result of your work and creativity.

Activity 3: In the "touch wall", participants can play real primitives treasures, can be fossils or footprints with millions of years.

Activity 4: In our excavations locations, such as a true paleontologist, participants can do excavations of a full-sized dinosaur skeleton, in real size, using small shovels and brooms.


Discovering fossils


Each participant receives a rock with approximately 50 million years of age and proceeds to prepare, under specialized guidance of an element of Dino Parque. You have the possibility of finding real fossils – from small animals or plants. As with the real paleontologists, these findings are meticulously crafted.

The findings are held by each participant


Location of the founds and age of Fossils: Wyoming (USA), 50 million years.

Opening Geodes


When opening geodes of Cristal, participants discover an impressive mystery of the nature. Pieces of stone concealed for millions of years, that when they are opened through a simple work of hammer, they bring to light beautiful crystals.

Ideal activity for the most curious of geology.


Location of the findings: volcanic areas in North Africa (Tunisia and Morocco).


Dinosaur Painting


Participants can free their imagination and paint their favorite dinosaur.

At the end of the activity the participant can have the dinosaur, painted by their creativity.


For schools

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